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2015 Honda Odyssey

Posted Jan 14th 2014 8:13AM


2015 Honda Odyssey with new features and freshened styling for model-year 2014. This popular seven- and eight-seat minivan got updated styling and a host of new safety and convenience features. Odyssey’s rightfully lauded for its versatility and surprisingly engaging driving experience, so don’t expect the Japanese automaker to mess with a vehicle that sells in solid numbers.

2015 Honda Odyssey  left view

2015 Honda Odyssey new features and freshened styling for model-year 2014

First of all, it should be noted that the model Odyssey 2015 comes in five trim levels which are 3 variants EX- L and EX then LKS . New Honda Odyssey , is normally far larger and with a higher roofline . Of course it’s a team and increased interior space. Anyway , Honda’s designers have selflessly offered the option to choose the color , two colors for the interior and exterior colors 7-8 , from Honda’s beautiful palette. As a fifth-generation Odyssey minivan has Low-floor platform . In addition to the increased space for passengers , increasing the luggage compartment . He pretty much kept the new model from its predecessor. One of the changes is a new grille , headlights and luxurious look curvier front end . Technologically speaking , the vehicle has been improved in terms of the navigation system , a variety of security functions , as well as Honda’s intelligent multifunctional display .

New 2015 Honda Odyssey review and release date

The 2014 Odyssey did get trade a five-speed automatic transmission for a six-speed and became available with blind-spot and forward-collision-warning systems, among other new features. But this is Honda; first-year fumbles are rare. The only other reason would be to wait and see if the company offers its innovative HondaVAC in-vehicle vacuum on more than just the most expensive Odyssey trim level.

2015 Honda Odyssey  Engine

This family car with a luxurious design will probably have a powertrain in the form of 3.5 -liter V6 engine . Predicted 6- speed automatic transmission . Otherwise, the engine should produce 250 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Optionally drive 4-wheel as standard – front-wheel drive . Of course, that differences exist between the models , depending on the trim level , and the customer is given the space for choice and fulfill their own desires . 2015 Honda Odyssey leaves plenty of space for our customers to get the vehicle they wish.


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